Beverley, East Yorskhire

Nestled within the confines of a Grade II listed building, our latest undertaking presented both a challenge and an opportunity. The overarching aim was to refurbish the historic space while maintaining its distinctive character. A pivotal aspect of the transformation was the introduction of a sophisticated kitchen, seamlessly integrating modern amenities with the building’s traditional charm. Similarly, the bathrooms were re-envisioned, striking a balance between contemporary luxury and timeless elegance. Throughout the project, collaboration with the architect was paramount. Together, we ensured that each design choice and structural alteration harmoniously married the past’s grandeur with today’s functionality and style.

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Elloughton, East Yorkshire

Renovating a Grade II listed building was both a challenge and an opportunity. Our focus: preserving character, adding a sophisticated kitchen, and blending modernity with timeless elegance in bathrooms. Collaboration with the architect was key to marrying the past’s grandeur with modern functionality and style.

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