Beverley, East Yorkshire

We are excited to introduce a meticulous four-month project focused on the comprehensive interior refurbishment of a historic Grade II listed building. This endeavor is designed to seamlessly blend modern design elements with the preservation of its rich historical significance.

As a central feature of this project, we will incorporate a sophisticated mezzanine floor. This addition not only expands the available floor area but also introduces an extra dimension to the space. Beyond its functional benefits, the mezzanine enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of the building.

In addition to the mezzanine floor, a captivating floating staircase will be integrated into the design. Crafted with precision, this architectural masterpiece will serve as both a functional element and a striking focal point. It is designed to harmonize with the building’s historical charm, elevating the interior’s overall design and character.

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Kirkella, East Yorkshire

We’re excited about a four-month home improvement project. We replaced an old extension with a modern one, created a stylish kitchen, utility room, and focused on elegant interior design.

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