West Ella, East Yorkshire

Over a four-month period, we embarked on a detailed project with the goal of seamlessly integrating an existing outbuilding into the main house, ensuring a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Harpenden, North London

We worked on an extensive journey of home improvement, undertaking a complete house refurbishment that promises to redefine the very essence of modern living.

West Ella, East Yorkshire

We embarked on a remarkable journey of home improvement, involving the complete transformation of an existing bungalow. This encompassed both rear and front extensions, along with the addition of three exquisite en-suite bathrooms.

Hedon, East Yorkshire

We had the privilege of revitalising a client’s space, infusing it with both contemporary design and timeless classics. Our skilled team dedicated a meticulous 8-week period to this transformation, ensuring every detail was addressed with precision and passion.

Elloughton, East Yorkshire

We embarked on a holistic transformation spanning 12 weeks, seamlessly blending innovative design choices with structural integrity. Our team’s dedication to this endeavour meant meticulous planning and execution, all with the aim of bringing our client’s vision to life.

Beverley, East Yorkshire

We are excited to introduce a meticulous four-month project focused on the comprehensive interior refurbishment of a historic Grade II listed building. This endeavor is designed to seamlessly blend modern design elements with the preservation of its rich historical significance.

Kirkella, East Yorkshire

We are thrilled to introduce a transformative four-month home improvement project that promises to breathe new life into the client’s home.

Banbury (phase 2)

In a recent and intricate architectural endeavor, we embarked on a journey to harmoniously merge the timeless charm of the existing structure with modern functionality. Our central focus revolved around achieving a cohesive flow that bridged the old and the new, creating a residence that felt both connected to its heritage and prepared for the future.

Beverley, East Yorkshire

Nestled within the confines of a Grade II listed building, our latest undertaking presented both a challenge and an opportunity.

Elloughton, East Yorkshire

In a bid to craft a blend of functional space and contemporary aesthetics, we embarked on an extension project: introducing a rear single-story extension to an existing home.